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    Sender Spike Releases SN01-G Free Compressor VST Plugin (+ Free VU Meter)

    Sender Spike has announced the release of SN01/SN01-G, its first free plugin in the Signal Noise line of VST effects. It is a VCA style dynamic range compressor inspired by two classic VCA bus compressors.

    The download file contains two plugin versions, SN01 and SN01-G. The first version is “GUI-less”, in FL Studio will look like an FL native plugin. Moving on to the second one, we’ll notice a nice user interface inspired by vintage gear.

    SN01 (the “GUI-less” version) loaded in FL Studio

    According to its author, SN01/SN01-G is designed to work both as musically pleasing buss glue while also being an efficient channel insert with a low ASIO/CPU footprint. Also, the effect works in stereo, i.e. you can put it on both mono and stereo tracks. SN01/SN01G is aimed at those who are in need of a VCA like compressor with the ability to adjust all meaningful parameters of the audio compression process.

    It worth mentioning another release of Sender Spike, SN02-G mono/stereo/mid-side VU meter VST plugin. Initially a byproduct during the development of SN01, this simple and handsome VU meter promises to save you from headaches and potential VU metering analysis paralysis. And it is also free, of course.

    These plugins are available in VST 32/64-bit plugin versions for Windows only. Download is instant.

    More information: Sender Spike

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