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    Push Is a Free One Button Generative Synthesizer by Sampleson

    Sampleson has announced the release of Push, a brand new free generative synthesizer plugin with a unique approach.

    Push is a “one-button” subtractive synth that will randomly create a new patch every single time you hit its button in the middle. We know “random” in music often means unusable, but Sampleson says their synthesizer follows a sound-design logic to get the most of the results to be usable as a patch.

    Push "Edit" panel
    The “Edit” panel

    All of the randomized parameters are accessible via the “Edit Current” button. Also, if you want more control, there’s an Edit panel that allows you to fine-tune sounds. Under the hood are 2 oscillators, 4 filter types, 2 ADSR envelopes, 2 LFOs, and a couple of effects.

    You can use the patches as they are once you press the push button, or you can use the initial patch as inspiration to tweak each sound into a new and refined one. Resulting patches and banks can be exported and shared without limits. Just click on “Open/Save” then “More” and “Export Bank” to get a shareable file.

    Push is available in VST & AU plugin versions for Windows and macOS. The download starts after you add your name and email address.

    More information: Sampleson

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