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    Beat Assist Releases ITS Free Rhythmic Virtual Synthesizer

    Beat Assist has announced the release of ITS, a free virtual synthesizer instrument plugin for DAW’s operating on Windows.

    ITS has been designed for the creation of rhythmic sound patterns that can stay at the foundation of your techno, drum & bass or psytrance tracks. But that does not mean that it is limited to these types of sounds and styles. Across the two included soundbanks created by Duarte Vinagre, you can also find basses, leads and other various synths. The first bank contains 64 factory presets, while the second one is an expansion called “A Synth Show” and comes with 63 presets. To install the soundbank, simply copy the “VST3 Presets” folder to your documents folder, usually C:\Users\”YourName”\Documents.

    This plugin is based on an architecture of 2 oscillators with three modes of usage. You can generate a waveform from an audio file, also is possible yo draw your waveform. A noise generator is included, along with LFOs, filter envelope, and octave stepper and gate pattern. Effect modules include stereo delay, chorus, equalizer, distortion, reverb and phaser.

    ITS is available for free in VST/VST3 plugin versions for Windows (32/64-bit).

    More information: Beat Assist

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