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    Sounds2Inspire Releases 120 Free Presets for AIR Hybrid 3 Synthesizer


    Sounds2Inspire has announced the release of Hybrid Ambience, a free expansion pack for AIR Hybrid 3 virtual synthesizer. This collection features 120 original presets for genres such as Ambient‎, Downtempo‎, ‎Psybient‎ or Chill-out.

    The author says Hybrid Ambience delivers out of the ordinary presets and soundscapes. While most of the soundbanks and expansions you find are for Techno, EDM, Trance etc and contain harsher, loud and explosive synth sounds – he decided to take this expansion in another direction. Therefore, it brings some relaxing pads, ambient sounds and sequences that are based on complex features inside Hybrid 3 synthesizer.

    Hybrid Ambience has been inspired by artists such as Carbon Based Lifeforms, HUVA Network, Shpongle, Solar Fields, Bluetech, Aes Dana, Ott, Asura, Zero Cult, Vibrasphere, and more.

    If you don’t have Hybrid 3, you can buy it at Plugin Boutique, at this moment is on sale and costs around $13. Keep in mind that every purchase will bring a free copy of Loopcloud Bundle+ worth $99.

    In order to download Hybrid Ambience soundbank, a valid email address is required. You will be automatically subscribed to the Sounds2Inspire newsletter.

    More information: Sounds2Inspire

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