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    Free Lofi Guitar Magic Vol. 3 Sample Pack Released by Mondo Loops


    Mondo Loops celebrates 1,000 Youtube subscribers with another free pack – the third installment of the already famous Lofi Guitar Magic sample pack.

    Following the pattern of its predecessors, Lofi Guitar Magic Vol. 3 comes loaded with one-shot guitar chords (Minor 9s, Major 9s, Minor 7s, Major 7s and dominant 7s), but also guitar loops, piano keys, melodies. The sounds are aimed at genres such as Lo-fi Hip Hop, Chillhop or Jazzhop. They’re all royalty-free, which means you can use them in commercial projects.

    You can download the pack for free, or if you want to support the author you can insert/donate any sum at checkout.

    More information: Mondo Loops Youtube

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