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    VSTBuzz Deal: 50% off “Chris Hein Horns Compact V2” by Best Service


    There’s a new deal on VSTBuzz that you might be interested in, 50% off “Chris Hein Horns Compact V2” by Best Service (€87 instead of €173). Now’s a chance to grab this huge 5GB+ library of brass and woodwind instruments for Jazz, Pop, Big-Band and Funk.

    Chris Hein Horns Compact brings a total of 60 instruments: 54 solo instruments and 6 synth brasses from the highly acclaimed “Chris Hein Horns Pro Complete”. Apart from the genres I enumerated above, is also ideal for spicing up your cinematic and orchestral tracks.

    Chris Hein Horns Compact V2 comes with a whole host of features designed to help you produce realistic performances with ease, including:

    • 6 velocities for the sustained notes
    • 5 different articulations available via Hot-Keys
    • 5 Velocity-Modes – Velocity Key, Velo Fade, Velo Key & Fade, Velo Auto Fade & Velo Key & Auto Fade
    • ADSR – Control of the Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release
    • Dynamics Control – Adjust the Velocity Response of your midi keyboard.
    • No key-switching is required to access different articulations and playing techniques.

    This library is compatible with the FREE Kontakt Player. The 50% deal is valid until October 2, 2019.

    More information: VSTBuzz

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