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    TrapDoor Audio Updates Coalition Free Chiptune Virtual Instrument to v.1.3


    TrapDoor Audio has updated its Coalition, a free Chiptune virtual instrument for Windows and macOS.

    Coalition is a chip synth with over 100 waveforms and has all the modulation options to easily give you those old school sounds. It also comes with 151 Chiptune/8-bit style presets grouped into an internal preset manager.


    • 102 chip waves including noise
    • 4 oscillators – Sinc^8 Interpolated (sample-based) with dedicated amplitude ADSRs
    • 2 state variable filters (low, high, bandpass, reject)
    • filter modulation section with 2 ADSRs, 1 LFO, and 1 CV sequencer
    • pitch modulation section with 2 pitch sequencers, 2 ADSRs, and 1 LFO
    • all LFOs and sequencers are synced to host tempo
    • 3 voice stealing modes for effective waveform looping in monophonic (with or without retrigger and glide functions activated) and polyphonic modes.
    • oversampling up to 32x

    The latest 1.3 version comes with 16 new presets, an improved glide function and many bugfixes. There was a stability problem with the filter in Audio Unit version – it was fixed too with the recent update.

    Coalition is available in VST and AU formats for plugin hosts operating on Windows and macOS.

    More information: TrapDoor Audio

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