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    SampleScience Releases SQ8ROM Free ROMpler Instrument (VST/AU)


    SampleScience has released SQ8ROM, a free instrument ROMpler plugin for Windows and macOS featuring a simple and easy to use interface and 168 preset sounds.

    SQ8ROM is basically a sampled version of the SQ8L virtual instrument by Siegfried Kullmann. SQ8L, which was a hit when it appeared in 2010, is built around the sound and architecture of the Ensoniq SQ80 classic 1980s hardware synthesizer.

    SampleScience’s ROMpler version comes with 50 integrated sounds; up to the 168 sounds mentioned above, the author opted for an expansion, which you will have to install. But don’t worry, it is a comprehensive tutorial on their website, you will certainly manage to install them.

    The interface sports amplitude envelope, reverb module and multi-LFO. A middle display shows preset info, waveform selector plus some basic information including velocity and quality. SQ8ROM is based on Maize Sampler and can also be used as an MSE file reader, meaning you can load presets from other ROMplers based on Maize.

    You can use it in retro pop genres – synthwave, synthpop, vaporwave, especially 80s influenced music. But that doesn’t mean it’s just limited to these genres.

    SQ8RO is compatible with Windows 7 and up or macOS High Sierra and up. It comes in VST, VST3 and AU plugin formats, both 32- and 64-bit and requires 1 GB of HD space, 3.5 GB with the expansions.

    More information: SampleScience

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    1. This thing is so 80s, I plugged it in and my hair was instantly full of gel. And I had shoulder pads. And leggings. But it sounds really good. How do you use something like this without sounding like a time warp?

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