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    Reflekt Audio Releases Yojo Free VST Instrument with 4 Banjo Layers

    Reflekt Audio has announced the release of Yojo, a free VST instrument plugin for DAW’s running on Windows and macOS. The banjo samples were provided by Eumonik, a music enthusiast, producer, and Youtube vlogger.

    Reflekt Audio came up with the idea of a 4-layer kind of a ROMpler, capable to deliver full unique and realistic banjo sounds. There’s a main layer delivering the main sound, of course, followed by “Flavor”, “Low” and “High” layers. Each layer is bypassable and can be tweaked by volume and pan.

    More tweaking is possible since Yojo also comes with effects such as reverb, filter, and pitch, plus an ADSR envelope. And this is pretty much about this cool plugin. In the video below, the author reviews the interface and presents a quick audio demo.

    Yojo could be a handy instrument to create country trap melodies. Or hip hop hooks. I can’t say it is suitable for a particular genre, just download it and decide for yourself. By the way, download is locked with a social widget, meaning you’ll have to pay with a “like” or a “tweet”.

    More information: Reflekt Audio

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