488 Free Broken Piano Loops, Shots, SFX & Textures by MusicRadar

MusicRadar has announced the release of a free pack of 488 loops, multis, sound effects, atmos, textures, etc featuring a broken piano instrument. These samples were previously featured on Future Music magazine’s cover DVD.

Don’t expect regular sounds, this library is full of piano strings, scrapes, knocks and much more. In detail, split across four folders you’ll find loops (beats/knocks, string loops, processed effects), multis such as bells, hitting wire, crashes etc, then a folder of processed SFX, atmos, textures, and reverses. The last folder is reserved for raw sounds – strings, scrapes, knocks, and other various and interesting sounds labeled as “Odd”. Some examples below:

This library is suitable for sound design, film and game productions, but with some creative processing techniques, you can also use it in EDM, future bass, trap and other modern styles.

All samples are delivered in 24-bit WAV format and are 100% royalty-free. The download in instant, registration of any type isn’t required.

More information: MusicRadar Tech


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