Upright Felt Piano Free Instrument for NI Kontakt

Westwood Instruments released Upright Felt Piano, a free sample-based library for NI Kontakt.

In order to create an instrument for intimate & alternative film scores, they used some classic vintage microphones through the highest quality signal path. The sampling process took place in the crypt of a church.

Its space is hard rock walls and vaulted ceilings, providing some interesting acoustics; really dry up close, but with a nice amount of liveliness as you record further away.

We wanted to tame the bright sound of the piano, so we custom felted the strings to take out the top end but not lose any of its unique character. What we were left with is a beautifully warm and intimate sound.

Upright Felt Piano works within Native Instruments Kontakt v5.6.6 and above. Kontakt Player isn’t supported.

More information: Westwood Instruments

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