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    Free SUB Analog Drums Virtual Instrument Released at Sampleson


    Sampleson has announced the release of SUB Analog Drums, a free virtual instrument that recreates the classic drum sound of TR-808.

    SUB uses synthesis instead of sampling of vintage hardware, meaning its sounds can be tweaked in a way sample-based VST drum machines won’t let you. Another big plus is that SUB is only 35MB in size – a sample-based version would require at least 4GB of samples.

    Each of the 18 analog drum sounds feature pan and level controls, also pitch control will be found on the toms and congas. More controls are added for the bass drum and snare, click and decay, respectively tone and snap. On the cymbal, you’ll notice a tone shaper, whereas the hi-hat has decay control. The sub-bass can be sculpted by pitch, decay and gain controls.

    SUB sports a scalable high definition interface. It is available for 32/64-bit Windows and macOS, in VST, AU and standalone formats. In order to download the drum plugin, a social share is required.

    More information: Sampleson

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