2getheraudio RE4ORM - Synth Jam Video

Adam Filter has released a video showing how 2getheraudio’s RE4ORM and K1CK Synth are sequenced with the Arturia Beatstep Pro.

RE4ORM is a modern virtual synthesizer providing simple macro-driven control over a powerful additive synthesis engine. With it, you can create unique sounds with a simple drag of your mouse. Unlike typical additive synthesizers that require you to edit each partial individually, RE4ORM lets you grab multiple partials at once and form them to your sonic liking.

K1CK Synth is a powerful and easy to use virtual instrument that delivers electronic kick drums to your mixes in exactly the way you need them to. There are 100 fully editable kick patches, plus another 100 sampled attacks, all inside a serious hybrid synth engine.

Both plugins are available under a pay-what-you-want pricing system, with a minimum of only $10. Also, a portion of the sum goes to charity.

Here’s the synth jam:

You can subscribe to 2getheraudio’s Youtube channel and stay updated with their latest product presentations and production tutorials.

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