Waves MetaFilter Is Free for All FL Studio Users (Limited Time Offer)

Waves have announced that until August 1st, they’re offering a free copy of MetaFilter plugin for each FL Studio user.

MetaFilter was designed around a multimode filter with extensive modulation options and powered by Waves’ Virtual Voltage technology. The versatile MetaFilter creative effects unit provides all the warmth, depth and fatness of classic analog filters, along with the modern control and endless flexibility distinctive of Waves tools.

You can individually modulate the filter’s cutoff, resonance and delay time using three separate modulators – a 16-step sequencer, an LFO, and an envelope follower with a sidechaining option – making it easy to achieve effects such as filter sweeping, tremolo, auto wah, rhythmic gating, ducking, and hypnotic modulating delays with saturation buildups.

You can download your free MetaFilter plugin until Thursday, August 1. The install goes through Waves Central, Waves Audio’s proprietary app.

More information: Waves

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