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    UJAM Dope Beat Maker Plugin Is FREE at Plugin Boutique with Any Purchase

    Throughout July, Plugin Boutique is offering UJAM Dope (usually priced €49/$49) for free with any purchase.

    UJAM Dope is a virtual beat maker instrument plugin for Windows and macOS designed to bring you crunchy, hard-hitting, ready-to-use beats for your Boom Bap, Hip Hop, and Rap productions. With its Vinyl Drive feature, UJAM Dope emulates the iconic retro noise of a turntable & applies compression to give your sound dirt and punch.

    Beatmaker Dope brings a selection of carefully crafted drum kits and loads of matching grooves, integrated with professional mixing tools, ready whenever you need genre-authentic, great-sounding beats. Drum kits are professionally layered, compiled and mixed, but still with enough room for your own creativity and to give it your signature sound.

    The interface is pretty simple with four main sections: “Kit”, where you choose the desired drum kit flavor, “Mix” that lets you apply various effects, “Drum” and “Style”- visual representations of one-shot drum samples, respectively premade drum grooves, spread across the keyboard.

    Each sample can be adjusted by volume, pitch and decay, muted and soloed. On the other side, you can “pin”, quantize and speed up/down the drum grooves. There are some cool groove styles (complete with beats for intro, fill, ending and breakdown) with BPM’s ranging from 85 to 92.

    Every purchase from Plugin Boutique until 31st July 2019 proves you eligible for this free product. Instruction about how to claim a free copy and download UJAM Dope can be found on the Plugin Boutique announcement page.

    More information: Plugin Boutique

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