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    Room Sound Intros FREE Jay Maas Signature Series Drums LE for Kontakt Player

    Room Sound has announced the release of Jay Maas Signature Series Drums Lite Edition, a free virtual drum kit instrument for Kontakt Player.

    Jay Maas Signature Series Drums LE is built on the same engine as the commercial version with more kits and features. But the lite version is also compatible with Kontakt Player, making it accessible for all producers, especially those on a tight budget.

    You will get 7 kit pieces (1 kick, 1 snare, 2 toms, 1 crash, 1 ride, 1 pair of hats), as well as 12 channel mixer featuring 9 studio-quality effects and 4 reverb programs. The keymap is fully customizable for easy integration with other drum software or electronic drum kits.

    Jay Maas Signature Series Drums LE could be perfect without that bug that causes misfiring of the snare drum samples at lower velocities. I found this problem while playing on Maschine Mikro (it has nothing to do with the hardware) and is quite annoying. Room Sound says the cause of the bug has been identified and they’re working with Native Instruments to release a fix as soon as possible. The bug is not present in the commercial version.

    Good news! The bug has been fixed today, July 16. If you previously downloaded and installed the freeware library, please check your email for instructions, or follow these steps below to get the newest update:

    • Step 1: Make sure to quit your DAW, Kontakt Player, and any other Native Instruments software you are currently running.
    • Step 2: Delete the “Jay Maas Signature Series Drums LITE” folder from your hard drive.
    • Step 3: Open the “NATIVE ACCESS” application and log in with your Native Instruments ID. Notice the “REPAIR” button next to the Jay Maas Signature Series Drums LITE entry.
    • Step 4: Keep the NATIVE ACCESS application open and download the new version of the Jay Maas Signature Series Drums LITE library from the download links in your original purchase email.
    • Step 5: Unzip your new copy of the library and move it to the same location where your old version was located.
    • Step 6: Click the “REPAIR” button and navigate to the new Jay Maas Signature Series Drums LITE folder.

    If you decide to jump on the full version of the library, keep in mind that is now on sale and costs $59 instead of $89. You get plenty of drums, effects and grooves.

    The download links and serial key of Jay Maas Signature Series Drums LE are sent to your inbox, together with instructions on how to install and register the library via Native Access.

    More information: Room Sound

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