RE4ORM FX Audio Shape Remixer Plugin by 2getheraudio

2getheraudio has released RE4ORM FX, an audio shape remixer plugin for Windows and macOS.

OK, you may have a bunch of audio effects, but shaping them with automation events in your DAW can quickly kill your creative flow. RE4ORM FX keeps it simple and fun by letting you draw your remixing effects. Risers, Pitchers, Filter Drops and so much more. Welcome to an easy, precise, powerful remixing tool with amazing sonic results.

RE4ORM FX features 8 Free4orm LFOs that lets you select, draw and warp the audio shape of up to 20 different filters, distortions, pitchers and panners. You can sync these LFOs to your DAW tempo and time signature. There are also over 60 factory presets such as risers, crushers, pitchers, spaces, rhythms and much more.

RE4ORM FX is available for DAW’s running under Windows and macOS, with VST/AAX, respectively VST/AU/AAX plugin formats.

Following the same cool pay-what-you-want pricing scheme at 2getheraudio, RE4ORM FX can be yours for as low as $10. Remember, 10% of any purchase goes to a cause you choose during checkout.

More information: 2getheraudio

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