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    2getheraudio’s RE4ORM Is an Additive Synthesizer with User Waveform Editing

    2getheraudio released RE4ORM, an unique virtual instrument that provides a simple macro-driven control over a powerful additive synthesis engine.

    Take control over RE4ORM’s pristine additive synth engine with a simple drag of your mouse. Unlike typical additive synthesizers that require you to edit each partial individually, RE4ORM lets you grab multiple partials at once and 4orm them to your sonic liking.

    RE4ORM comes with 200 factory presets, but you can also design any sound fast and easy. Start from scratch, or why not, pick a sound and with few clicks make it your own. Add some dynamic motion with the Free4orm Filter, basically a super LFO controlling a selectable high pass, low pass, band pass, notch and peak filter. Add depth by using the multi-dimensional effects such as overdrive, phaser, chorus, and pipe model (filter).

    RE4ORM is available in VST, AAX & AU plugin formats and standalone for macOS and Windows. The price is fantastic, since you can take advantage of 2getheraudio’s “pay-what-you-want” pricing model, with a minimum of only $10. Keep in mind that 10% of the purchase will go to a cause you care about. Of course, if you can afford more, it would be a shame not to support the developers – some fantastic releases are on the way.

    More information: 2getheraudio

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