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    Pay What You Want @2getheraudio (+ FREE Instrument Plugins)

    You may have heard of 2getheraudio recently, since their Cheeze Machine reissue and RE4ORM made a splash among the music producers, whether amateur or professional.

    2getheraudio makes virtual instruments and effects for musicians, producers, and others making music using their computers. Its virtual instruments line-up include the flagship RE4ORM, a freedraw additive synthesizer, G8TOR – sequencer synth with live action pad effects, K1CK Synth and CL4P Maker powerful kick drum and handclap generators, as well as two completely free instrument plugins, Cheeze Machine 2 and Ticky Clav 2. Its effects include RE4ORM FX – a freedraw audio manipulator. The company also produces add-on expansion packs for its virtual instruments.

    What stands out at this young and promising company is their honest business model, offering a cool pay-what-you-want pricing system for their plugins, making them really accessible for musicians. The minimum is $10, so it’s a great deal; but you might want to pay more, as 10% of that goes to a good cause, you can choose a charity at checkout.


    In the near future, 2getheraudio will be releasing more free plugins to the community. They say their mission is to make professional software available to everyone while helping to make the world a better place.

    More information: 2getheraudio

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