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    ZTEKNO Offers 3000 Techno Sounds for FREE (Kicks, Basslines, Top Loops, SFX)


    ZTEKNO is giving away 3000 free kicks, basslines, top loops and SFX for techno and tech house music productions.

    The pack contains 3250 files, split into 1000 kicks, 1000 bass loops, 1000 top loops and a bonus folder of over 200 SFX. The total size of the pack is 6.42GB unzipped. The loops were recorded at 125-126 BPM in 44.1kHz 24-bit, also are key and tempo-labeled. You can load them in any DAW or sampler of choice, including FL Studio.

    All the sound samples were collected from commercial ZTEKNO products for sale at Beatport Sounds. The sounds are versatile enough to be also used in other genres such as hard dance, house, progressive house or minimal/deep tech. All the sounds are 100% royalty free.

    You can show the appreciation by subscribing to ZTEKNO’s Soundcloud, YouTube, and Facebook pages (you find the corresponding links in the Soundcloud track description).

    More information: ZTEKNO Soundcloud

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    1. Its awesome what you guys are doing to help up coming producers and musicians. Only thing is…I consider myself to be a relatively smart person and I am at a loss as to how to download the above mentioned FREE samples. Please advise what I missed as I would love to be able to put the 3000 samples to good use. I am working on a HUGE project to post for free on my Sound Cloud account ( it will be under the name KeYLoW…I am hoping to have this project completed by the end of July. I am a new user to FL but have learned more than I could have ever expected in the last 6 months. I have been playing guitar for 25+ years but have never felt more challenged or engaged than I am now. I wish I would have ventured into this realm of music years ago. Learning sound design, mixing and mastering has been an absolute joy. I have a brand new appreciation for the people that have been and continue to produce such great music and sounds…..the age old idea of this type of music being a talentless pool of failed musicians that run around the stage pushing buttons has certainly been debunked as far as I am concerned. I have seen more talent in the last 6-9 months than I have known in the last 25 years of playing guitar. What some of these guys are doing is truly remarkable to say the least and I am as excited as a boy in a porn shop to see what the future holds! Anyway, enough of my old as rambling on……keep up the amazing work and I hope to here back soon in regards to the samples (I hope to contribute in this manner in the near future) and I WIll be including credit to EVERY artist that has been kind enough to put these samples out for us to use and learn from!!!!!

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