Free Ticky Clav 2

2getheraudio has released Ticky Clav 2, the remastered version of a popular virtual instrument by Big Tick Audio from ca. 2007.

Ticky Clav was (possibly) the first virtual instrument that used physical modeling to emulate the hugely popular Hohner D6 Clavinet. Ticky Clav 2 continues to use physical modeling but expands the controls that made this plugin so popular.


  • Perfectly smooth transitions up and down the keyboard
  • Original Clav single coil pickups switch
  • Expanded tone controls including brightness, damping and bridge and neck balancing
  • Wah effect with user parameter control
  • 64 bit Mac and Windows compatible

Ticky Clav 2 is available in VST & AU (Mac) and VST & AAX (Windows) plugin formats, as well as a Standalone app for use without a DAW.

More information: 2getheraudio

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