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    Modular Piano Is a New Spitfire Audio LABS Expansion (FREE)


    Spitfire Audio has announced the launch of Modular Piano, a brand new expansion for their LABS freeware virtual instrument plugin for Windows and macOS.

    Modular Piano is based on the sounds captures from an experimental piano created by Christian Henson at the beginning of this year. He sampled his upright Schimmel felt piano and Wurlitzer, passing the signal through his modular rig — an array of analogue reverbs, delays, and other goodies — to give you twelve unique, beautifully atmospheric sounds with a slightly industrial edge.

    Modular Piano is a sample-based library for LABS. The latter is a VST/AU instrument plugin for DAW’s running under Windows or macOS. Also, don’t forget to explore the other LABS libraries at Spitfire Audio.

    More information: Spitfire Audio

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