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    Lennar Digital Launches Sylenth1 v3.053 with Revisited Audio Engine and Improved Sound Quality


    Lennar Digital has launched Sylenth1 version 3.053, now with a revisited audio engine and an improved overall sound quality of the oscillators and filters, without losing their cutting edge.

    The code has been further optimized so that it’s still as lean on the CPU as it was before. Optional oversampling for real-time playback and offline render modes have been added to the “Settings” file.

    A swing knob was added to the arpeggiator, as well as a new skin by Scott Kane (“Nitro”) and several new presets. Sylenth1 v3.053 is now fully compatible with Retina displays.

    Here is the complete lists of bug fixes, improvements, and additions:

    • Improved oscillator sound quality (improved high-frequency content, reduced aliasing).
    • Improved filter response and sound quality.
    • Further optimized CPU performance.
    • Added oversampling options for real-time playback and render mode.
    • Added Arpeggiator Swing knob.
    • Added master tuning frequency adjustment.
    • Improved pitch accuracy.
    • Added Nitro skin by Scott Kane.
    • Improved host automation for buttons and option controls.
    • Fixes compatibility issue on Linux.
    • Fixes high memory bug in 32bit version.
    • Fixes preset loading issue.
    • Added MIDI learn auto switch control option.
    • Added 156 new presets to FactoryBank6.
    • Fixes offline installation bug on Windows.
    • Fixes problem with installation through script on Mac.
    • Added parameter highlighting for AAX version.
    • Added AAX page tables for Avid control surfaces.
    • Now fully compatible with Retina displays.
    • Added option to link AmpEnv A and B parameters.
    • Added locking options for all parameters and parts.

    This update is fully compatible with any older version of Sylenth1. Customers can download this update directly from their account page. In FL Studio, simply open Sylenth1 and you’ll be prompted to install a new version via Lennar Digital’s website. Use the serial to unlock the download links. Also, there’s a new demo version that can be downloaded here.

    More information: Lennar Digital

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