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    Introduction to Synthesis and Sound Design Tutorial Part 1


    Over the past few weeks, several producers have expressed an interest in learning sound design to me. Sound design can be one of the most intimidating parts of music production.

    When I first started dabbling in sound design, I dove straight into Native Instruments Massive, and had no idea what I was doing. I had no fundamental understanding of what synths could do, and how to manipulate sounds in a way that made sense. Eventually, I was able to navigate my way through Massive. But because I didn’t understand the basics, any other synth that I tried to use went completely over my head and I just reverted back to massive.

    If you want to be able to create sounds from scratch (or even tweak presets) it’s important to have a fundamental understanding of what’s actually happening when you’re turning knobs. In this video, I’m going to get you started with sound design. You’re going to learn about some basic wave shapes and some common components that make up most synths. Plus, we’ll talk a little bit about harmonics.

    If you’re interested in sound design, this video will save you A LOT of time and headache in the future. After watching, you should have enough of a grasp on this stuff to actually get started having some fun inside your favorite synth. However, I am going to go even deeper in next weeks video.

    I’m providing a set of questions that you’ll be able to answer as we continue with the series:

    Video link:

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