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    Frostbite Multi-Effect Plugin by Audiothing Is 73% off @VSTBuzz


    VSTBuzz has announced Frostbite, multi-effect plugin by Audiothing, is currently on sale and costs only €8 (73% off).

    Frostbite features modules such as Ring Modulator, Feedback, and Freeze. It’s aimed at ambience and cinematic music, but can also be used for extreme sonic experiments.

    Frostbite is a simple plugin but, when used in combination, its different modules are capable of producing a variety of sound effects ranging from extreme modulation to positively icy reverb tones.

    Frostbite has a randomizer feature that can randomize all the parameters on the interface at once. This is a quick way to find the result you are looking for. This random result can then be tweaked as needed to suit your musical purposes.

    The formats available are VST, AU, and AAX (32/64bit) for macOS and Windows platforms. The 73% off discount is available until March 20, 2019.

    More information: VSTBuzz

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