Urbain Loops Pack 2K19 for Dancehall, Reggae & Reggaeton

Canadian producer DJ4Kat has announced the release of Urbain Loops Pack 2K19, a free pack of various loops, melodies, grooves and beats for urban music production.

Urbain Loops Pack 2K19 contains a total of 52 sound samples, including drum loops, basslines, piano and whistle melodies, string loops etc. Some of them take influence from Arabic music and African rhythms and are suitable for dancehall, reggae, reggaeton or hip hop.

Take a listen below:

You can download the loops one by one via Soundcloud, or all compressed in one ZIP file (link in Soundcloud description). All sounds are recorded in 24-bit WAV format. They’re royalty-free, but if you use them into your productions you must credit DJ4Kat.

More information: DJ4Kat Soundcloud

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