Convology XT Impulse Response Convolution Reverb Plugin

Impulse Records has announced the release of Convology XT, a free Impulse Response convolution reverb plugin that comes in VST, AU and AAX (64-bit supported).

The free version is preloaded with a factory bank of 70 vintage Impulse Response Files taken from the full Convology XT Library. There are no time limitations, annoying beeps, or iLok authorization. Simply fill in the information on the licensing page and that’s all there is to it.

Everything you’d expect from a world-class plugin and more – Zero latency, Scale functions of Stretch and Decay, EQ, PreDelay, Stereo 3D Chorusing (can either emulate early DSP gear or be applied to vocals and instruments) Stereo Width from Mono to “Outside your speakers”, Reverse and more.

Yet the most outstanding feature of this plugin is the ease of use when dialing in a particular sound. Just click on any section of the library, then click on the unit and file and you’re there.

Convology XT is an effect plugin that can be loaded in DAW’s running under macOS and Windows. Download and install require info such as name and email address.

More information: Impulse Records