3D Printed Sample Pack

Ben Burnes has launched 3D Printed Sample Pack, a collection of samples recorded from 3D printed “instruments”.

For a limited time (March 31), you can download this pack for free when you use coupon code free_3d during checkout.

Here is some info about how this pack has been materialized: the author printed out a few instruments that he found on Thingiverse, also designed and created a rubber band device for plucking. With these made, next thing was to record the sounds, a process that resulted in more than 120 samples.

Check out the video below to see more:

The sound range is very diverse, from plucks to terrible buzzy kazoo solos. You can use them for sound design, percussive layering, and general sound effects for multimedia projects. Some of the samples were lightly processed because the volume was low, also some background rumble had to be removed.

All the samples are royalty-free. You are free to use the audio material in commercial projects. With the download, you will be asked for your email address to be signed up to a mailing list.

More information: Ben Burnes Gumroad

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