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    700 MB of FREE Samples Released at Multiton Bits


    Multiton Bits has announced the release of Welcome Pack 2019, a freely downloadable sample pack containing over 700 MB of royalty-free samples.

    You will receive a total of 269 WAV files selected from 17 Multiton Bits releases. The only catch is that you will have to subscribe to their newsletter, not a big effort considering the value of the pack.

    To make an idea about the sounds, here is the list of releases featured in the free pack:

    • 80s Proto machines
    • Akustika Elektronika Drums
    • Atmospheres & Backgrounds
    • Casio Groove
    • Future Melodies
    • FX Zukunft
    • Glitchy Systems
    • Golden Triton Sounds
    • House Of Tools
    • Indie Tronica
    • Little Helpers
    • Lo-Fi Drum Modules
    • Nonsquare Techno
    • Organic Electronix Box
    • re-Kawai R-50e
    • re-Yamaha RY30
    • Sequences, Chords & Stabs

    More information: Multiton Bits

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