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    63% off Silk Ethnic Instrument Library by East West/Quantum Leap


    VSTBuzz has announced that, for a limited time, is offering 63% off Silk, an ethnic instrument library by East West/Quantum Leap.

    Silk is one of the best ethnic instrument libraries you can buy, containing pretty much every far eastern bowed/plucked string and brass/wind instrument that you’ll ever need in your compositions.

    Featuring amazing and unique multi-sampled performances by masters of their instruments, this is a must have compositional tool for serious composers!

    Silk comes with a comprehensive yet easy to use graphical interface with plenty of controls to help you customize your sounds. The performance section comprises portamento, legato and repetition. Further, we find button to reset all round robin instruments, in-depth microtuning controls, stereo spreading, and filter. Convolution reverb is integrated, as well as “Artificial Double Tracking” with delay, depth, speed, and level parameters.

    Now we arrive at the sound. Silk features 24 incredibly detailed Silk Road instruments from China, Persia and India, making this one of the most ambitious ethnic instruments ever created:

    Instruments from China:

    • Erhu (bowed string)
    • Zhonghu (bowed string)
    • Jinhu (bowed string)
    • Pipa (string)
    • Guzheng (string)
    • Yangqin (string)
    • Sheng (accordion)
    • Suona low (brass)
    • Suona high (brass)
    • Dizi low (wind)
    • Dizi hi (wind)
    • Xiao (wind)
    • Bawu (wind)

    Instruments from Persia:

    • Electric Cello (bowed string)
    • Kemenche (bowed string)
    • Nay (wind)
    • Duduk (wind)
    • Tar (string)
    • Qanun (string)
    • 30 piece string section (bowed string)

    Instruments from India:

    • Dilruba (bowed string)
    • Sarod (string)
    • Tanpura (string)
    • Bansuri (wind)

    This library runs in the Play 5 engine which comes free and works in VST, AU, AAX & RTAS formats for Windows and macOS.

    You can buy Silk at 63% off (€129 instead of €350) until March 6, 2019.

    More information: VSTBuzz

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