FREE Flower Child Filter Plugin

Soundemote has announced the release of Flower Child, a free filter/distortion effect plugin for Windows and macOS.

Flower Child is aptly named for its goal to have a clean and resonant sound. There is also a switch for an aggressive growling version that is sure to cater to your more destructive side. Its filter is a lab experiment focusing on Soundemote’s future series of boutique analog-style filters F.M.D release.

The audio plugin also features two envelope followers to open and close the filter. And by turning the output to 0, the amplitude envelope will open and close the output volume fully, so that the filter is still musically useful when self-oscillating.

You can try it on drums, bass, synths etc. It will change your sound significantly with just a few tweaks.


  • Select between Clean and Aggressive analog style filter options
  • Get warm tube-like distortion by using “Clean” and setting Resonance to near 0
  • Use the Chaos knob to add internal instability
  • Use the Frequency and Amplitude envelope follower to open and close the filter
  • Waveform/oscilloscope view
  • Stereo/Mono switch
  • Up to 8x oversampling
  • Dry/Wet Knob

Flower Child is available in VST & AU versions for Windows and macOS (64-bit supported).

More information: Soundemote


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