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    FREE FL Studio Template Released by Inflightmuzik

    Our team member Ian Ross aka Inflightmuzik has released a free FL Studio template that has been designed with productivity and maximum efficiency in mind.

    Here’s what Ian Ross says about the release:

    “I just wanted to say thank you for all of the support for my blog posts and tutorials. I thought a great way to do so was by giving back to the community with my personal FL Studio 20.1 template. Now you can follow along even closer as I show you my tips and tricks. Over the years I’ve consistently adapted my workflow in FL Studio and I would easily say that this template is the best thing that I’ve ever come up with.

    I work with a lot of different genres. Having a template that is easily adaptable to each one is key to finding a good flow and rhythm to your workflow, no matter what project you’re working on. I believe you’ll find that this will help you stay organized, efficient and work a lot faster in each of your FL Studio projects.

    Everything in this template is designed to keep you focused on creativity instead of the worrying about the tediousness of linking, naming and coloring channels with mixer inserts. Here are a few extra tips to keep in mind…

    Turn off “Auto-Name Channels” in the Options toolbar, under General Settings, in the Miscellaneous section. This will allow you to keep the channel names, colors and icons in the template when you load up new samples and/or instruments.

    If you’re working with double-digit tempos, change the number of looping steps in the top right corner of the channel window to 64. Keep it at 128 for triple-digit tempos. This will allow you to work with the number of steps you’re probably accustomed to at those tempos.

    Since the looping mode is turned on by default in this tempo, this will allow you to make all of your patterns in one pattern, instead of creating them in separate patterns. Now you can make 4 or 8 bar loops all in one pattern. Turn on advanced looping if you want even more control over each channel pattern length.

    When you finish making all of your patterns, right click on the pattern name in the toolbar or in the pattern picker inside the playlist and select “Split By Channel”. This will automatically separate all of your channels into their own pattern for quick and easy arrangement in the playlist. Everything will be labeled and colored for you after doing so. Click the first pattern and shift+click the last pattern in the pattern picker to highlight all patterns and drag it onto the first track of the Playlist. This will label and color all of the tracks in the playlist with each Pattern.

    Be sure to watch my full tutorial on my FL Studio Workflow Template.”

    This FL Studio template works for FL 20.1 and above (when they release future updates). The link to download the template is in the description of the video. If you like Ian Ross’ tutorials, subscribe to his Youtube channel and stay updated.

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