FREE Cheeze Machine 2 Virtual Instrument

2getheraudio has announced the release of Cheeze Machine 2, a free VST/AAX/AU instrument plugin for Windows and macOS.

This plugin is a remastered version of the extremely popular Cheeze Machine virtual instrument by Big Tick Audio.

An extra cheesy, extra saucy string box in the style of the original vintage string machines. Cheeze Machine 2 includes an expanded oscillator section, convolution reverb, a vintage ensemble chorus, and 64-bit compatibility for VST, AU, AAX and Standalone applications.

Also included, bonus preview presets for Cheeze Machine Pro, an upcoming release with additional filters, pitch envelopes and performance controls.


  • Two virtual analog oscillators plus a sub oscillator for super thick sounds
  • Vintage Ensemble, Phaser and Modulation Effects
  • Over 60 strings, brass, bass, pads and keyboard sounds
  • Super simple interface for quick intuitive editing
  • Ultra CPU and memory efficient

In order to download Cheeze Machine 2, a valid email address will be required.

More information: 2getheraudio

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