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    Ghosthack Advent Calendar 2018 – FREE Samples, Loops, MIDI Files, SFX, Vocals


    Our friends at Ghosthack are running an advent calendar with free sound kits and other specials every day until the 24th of December.

    It is already a tradition at Ghosthack to give away cool sounds every December. The event started a few days ago, and there are already a lot of packs available. Below I compiled a quick list of goodies.

    Free Vocals and Acapellas 2018 brings 35 professional vocal samples, including one-words, ad-libs, phrases and even 2 acapella tracks from different female singers. You can drop them straight into your music projects, chop them, slice and edit even further.

    321 Free MIDI Melodies & Chords – expect melodies, key-labeled rhythmic chords and sustained chords plus a video tutorial showing how to use these MIDIs and how to set the MIDI files in a specific key.

    Ultimate Percussion Library Sale is a limited time sale on over 900 royalty free percussion one-shots, fills and loops, that will make a huge impact on your drum patterns. Now you have the chance to get it for only a few bucks.

    21 Free Percussion Loops – expect 21 percussion loops from 70 to 172 BPM, including oriental and ethnic sounds, from congas to tablas to shakers.

    There are just a few of the freebies and offers, just check every item to reveal them. And don’t forget to check their calendar page every day until the 24th December for more gifts.

    More information: Ghosthack Advent Calendar 2018

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