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    Loopmasters Launches Black Friday with 85% off Bundles and 60% off Single Packs


    Loopmasters has announced the launch of Black Friday, offering 85% off exclusive bundles and 60% off single packs by several brands selling at their store.

    This is the best value of the year, you won’t find bigger discounts in 2018. There are hundreds if not thousands of packs at 60% off, coming from famous labels such as Loopmasters, Niche Audio, Frontline Producer, Organic Loops, Hy2rogen, Freaky Loops, or Mode Audio. These are just a few of the participants, the list is much much longer, containing sample packs, MIDI collections, preset banks, construction kits etc, basically sounds for all styles.

    It also worth mentioning the 70% discount on “Archives” – these are great packs from the vaults, produced by Loopmasters over the years. Browsing through the archive, I found some insane deals, sample packs at just a couple of bucks, or even construction kits at the price of a coffee.

    But the craziest discount is 85% off Black Friday Bundles. What are Black Friday Bundles? In short, Loopmasters has created time-limited collections of bestseller packs at a fraction of the full price. These BF exclusive bundles cover six popular genres (House, Trap, Drum & Bass, Cinematic, Instrumental and Techno), so you will only buy what interests you and ultimately defines you as an artist. Make yourself a gift, you deserve it!

    The sale ends December 2nd, 2018.

    Visit Loopmasters Black Friday, pick your sounds and enjoy producing!

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