FREE Adam Monroe Delay Effect Plugin Released

    Adam Monroe has announced the release of Delay, a free effect plugin for hosts running under Windows and macOS.

    There are many free and commercial delay effect plugins, but I wanted to make my own unique delay. Interesting features of this plugin include:

    • ping-pong panning that is synced to the delay time, so that each delay sounds like an echo sweeping from left to right;
    • built-in high and low pass filtering, so that the frequency of the delay can be filtered, leaving the original dry signal intact;
    • mix, panning, and panning-width controls.

    The end goal was to make a highly parameterized delay plugin that could emulate some of the classic delay sounds like slapback, as well as create new and interesting effects, and package them in a comprehensive preset list and GUI, that the end user could easily navigate.

    Looking at the interface, Adam Monroe Delay features usual controls like time, feedback and mix. Next, we have the panning width and effect knobs, which determine the width, respectively the position of the delay effect into the stereo image. In the middle, there are LowPass and HighPass units with knobs for linear and exponential filtering.

    A set of 26 factory presets is included, so you can start immediately. Adam Monroe Delay is suitable for sound design, EDM, Trance/Psytrance, House etc, anywhere you need simple, as well as creative delay effects.

    The plugin is available now for free, in formats for Windows and macOS, including VST, AU and AAX. More information and download links at Adam Monroe’s website.

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