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    MIA Laboratories Releases Muscle, Thin & Fat FREE Effect Plugins


    MIA Laboratories has announced the release of Muscle, Thin and Fat, three new free effect plugins for Windows and macOS.

    What they do is maybe obvious from their titles: they make the sound “muscled up”, thinner and respectively, fatter. Now let’s see what does these mean.

    MIA Muscle gives more presence to the sound, increasing the perceived loudness and presence without compression. It is recommended for low loudness files such as MP3’s.

    MIA Thin adds brilliance without harshness. Recommended for dull sounds, will make them louder on smaller systems such as laptops, phones etc.

    MIA Fat maximises low frequencies and adds the desired extra “grease” in your sound with the turn of just one knob. It is recommended for club mixes and genres such as Techno, Dub, Reggae and RnB.

    The supported platforms are Windows (VST 32& 64 bit/AAX) and macOS (VST/AU).

    For more information and download links, visit MIA Laboratories.

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