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Loopmasters Halloween Sale Is Launched!

Loopmasters Halloween Sale

Loopmasters has announced the launch of their Halloween Sale. During this time, you can save 50% on hundreds of sample packs, courses, DJ tools, synth presets and much more.

Some labels included in the sale:

But that’s not all. You can also save 90% on 10 great packs in the Wicked Witch Hunt game at Loopmasters. Use the clues below to find the sample packs on their site. Get those brains working. Good luck!

  • Clue = Dimly Lit & Harmful Two Step
  • Clue= Theatrical Movie House
  • Clue = Wobble Chaos
  • Clue = The Fuse Ignited On Sound Effects
  • Clue = Bizarre Four To The Floor
  • Clue = Frozen & Sunken Electro
  • Clue=Contorted Artists Series Tech
  • Clue= Beats That Go Bump In The Night
  • Clue = Celestial String Instrument
  • Clue= Detroit Rises From The Dead

Loopmasters Halloween Sale



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