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    Genera Studios Launches Neutronic and Ambient Tape Machines: C1 for NI Kontakt (Intro Offer)

    Genera Studios has announced the release of Neutronic and Ambient Tape Machines: C1, two unique commercial Kontakt libraries featuring a modern analog mono-synth and samples recorded through a Library Of Congress C1 cassette player.

    Neutronic Kontakt library has been created with sounds coming from a modern analog mono-synth. The synth was sampled across the keyboard (for each oscillator), and the common analog synthesizer controls were modeled in Kontakt. You can choose your oscillators, detune them, pan them, mix them, saturate them, and even add noise. There are also included two ADSR’s, a selectable LFO, an LPF, an HPF, delay, reverb, vibrato, and a custom scripted dual sequencer synced to your DAW clock tempo.

    With Neutronic, you can create classic synth sounds reminiscent of those great analog synths from Japanese manufacturers in the 80’s, but also detailed lush ambient patches reminiscent of modern digitally controlled analog synthesizers.

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    The second Kontakt library is Ambient Tape Machines: C1, which was created by first capturing 3 unique raw sets of samples, recording them onto cassette tape, and then playing them back at full and half speed on a vintage Library Of Congress C1 cassette player. Analog tape helps give music a certain warmth that is hard to emulate in the digital world, and playing back sounds at half speed on tape is a truly incredible experience. Ambient Tape Machines: C1 allows you to blend and control these lush sounds so you can sculpt the perfect ambient soundscape.

    Neutronic and Ambient Tape Machines: C1 are on sale until October 28. They cost $20, respectively $10 (regular prices $30, $20).

    More information, as well as all features, can be found at Genera Studios.

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