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    Download 555 FREE Various One-Shots and SFX Samples by Valentine


    Our reader Valentine has contacted us to help him share his “55,5 Sample Pack” featuring 555 various one-shots and sound effects.

    Valentine is a creative sound designer and an experienced musician. But his approach to music making is a little bit different: he makes sounds without any synthesizer – solely by using his portable recorder.

    Same story with this pack. Each sound was recorded spontaneously on his portable recorder, then processed to make them suitable for use in sequencers, samplers etc. All samples were recorded at 24-bit rate, without the use of compressors and other treatments. They have a very good dynamic range (-6db) making them perfect for compression.

    The author encourages you to layer the sounds or create experiments. All sounds are 100% royalty free.

    The pack is split into 23 folders, each labeled according to the sounds included within:

    • 66 Positive Electronique Samples
    • 16 Without Synths For Sampling
    • 20 Sounds From Life – Part I
    • 50 Special Sounds For Music
    • 100 Special Sounds For Music II
    • 20 Super Micro Versions
    • 23 Experimental Bassdrums
    • 8 Tabla Percussions
    • 7 Just Seven Sounds
    • 20 Percussions – Part I
    • 20 Percussions – Part II
    • 20 Percussions – Part III
    • 33 Percussions – Part IV
    • 5 Electronic Zaps
    • 7 Future Classics
    • 14 Shakers & Hats
    • 49 Percussions
    • 5 Tight Sounds
    • 15 1 – 3 Micro
    • 8 Techno
    • 10 Snares
    • 27 Basses
    • 12 Micro

    The pack is hosted on our website with the consent of the author (Valentine Kuznetsov). If you like the sounds, you can donate any amount to the author, take a look in the readme files for more info.

    Download 55,5 Sample Pack (10.8MB, ZIP file).

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