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    7 New Sample Collections Launched at Function Loops


    Function Loops has announced the release of 7 new sample collections: Prime Piano Loops, Future Pop Vocals, Ibiza Tech Percussion, Premium Cinematic, Major RnB & Vocal Trap, Dark Techno Mind and Analogue Psytrance Bundle.

    Prime Piano Loops ($15.90) is a useful collection of high-quality piano loops suitable for many styles, including House, Tech, R’n’B. Inside are 50 groovy riffs and 50 smooth themes, coming as dry and wet version plus, of course, their corresponding MIDI files.


    • 200 piano loops (100 wet, 100 dry)
    • 100 MIDI files
    • 300 files total
    • 781 MB unpacked
    • 24-bit WAV quality
    • 100% royalty free

    Future Pop Vocals ($14.90) brings over 400MB of Vocal Loops, chopped and designed for Pop, Rnb, Trap, Future Bass and other popular genres rocking the charts right now. On top of the vocals, there are also included 14 bonus instrumental kits that are featured in the demos (and even more), so anyone can start tracks in no time, or sketch some ideas.


    • 100 Chopped Vocal Loops (DRY)
    • 100 Chopped Vocal Loops (WET)
    • 15   BONUS Chopped Vocal Loops (DRY)
    • 15   BONUS Chopped Vocal Loops (WET)
    • 76   Instrumental Loops
    • 26   MIDI Files
    • 17   Sylenth1 Presets
    • 690MB unpacked
    • 395 files
    • 100% royalty-free

    Ibiza Tech Percussion ($5 for a limited time) is a fresh collection of over 200 percussion loops and samples, to spice up any Techno, Tech House or Deep House production. For ease of use, all loops are key-labelled. As a bonus, all the sounds from the demo are included (synths, basslines, vocals etc).


    • 100 percussion loops (key and BPM labelled)
    • 100 percussion one-shot samples
    • 55 extras (sounds from the demo)
    • 255 files total
    • 250MB unpacked
    • 24-bit WAV quality
    • 100% royalty free

    Premium Cinematic ($17.90) is packed with 5 complete construction kits, each filled with WAV & MIDI files, plus a great bonus folder loaded with String & Percussion rhythms for the extra touch. There are over 700MB of insane quality Drums, Strings, Pianos, Brass, Vocals, SFX and more.


    • 5 construction kits (key and BPM labelled)
    • 84 WAV files (strings, brass, drums, vox, SFX, pianos etc.)
    • 43 MIDI files
    • 30 bonus WAV files (drums, strings, percussion)
    • 37 bonus MIDI files
    • 199 files total
    • 740MB unpacked
    • 24-bit WAV quality
    • 100% royalty free

    Major RnB & Vocal Trap ($17.90) features some popular Rnb & Trap beats, injected with original Vocal acapellas. The sounds are inspired by the biggest hits worldwide. Over 1GB of top-notch material, including Drums, Bass, Melodies, Synths, FX and Female Vocals. Dry & Wet Vocal stems, as well as dry Vocal Loops, are included for maximum flexibility.


    • 180 files total
    • 1.17 GB unpacked
    • 24-bit WAV quality
    • 100% royalty free

    Dark Techno Mind ($17.90) delivers a fat amount of production tools, inspired by main dark Techno names today. Loaded with a big selection of sounds, including deep basslines, killer drums & percussion, dark synths and weird sounds, FX and more. Both Loops & One Shots are included.


    • 173 loops
    • 126 one-shots
    • 299 files total
    • 227 MB unpacked
    • 24-bit WAV quality
    • 100% royalty free

    Analogue Psytrance Bundle ($29.90) is a mega pack for all Psytrance & Progressive Psy producers seeking to inject hardware sound in their music. Over 600 sounds, including Basslines, Synths & Melodic parts, Drum Loops & Shots, Pads, SFX Loops, Arps, FM Sounds and more.


    More information at Function Loops.

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