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    Samples From Mars Releases 416 FREE MIDI Groove Templates from 25 Legendary Drum Machines


    Samples From Mars has launched Grooves From Mars, a free collection of 416 4-bar MIDI groove templates created with 25 legendary drum machines.

    Grooves From Mars is the most comprehensive collection of drum machine midi groove templates in existence. Created from 25 classic and modern drum machines, these templates will enable you to bring the unique feel and groove of each sequencer to your DAW.

    Ultimately we ended up with 416 midi groove templates from 25 legendary drum machines, that will enable you to groove between the lines of your DAW with the unique swing, shuffle and stutter of each machine. We captured the most basic and usable straight, swing and triplet settings, but also weird patterns, shuffling triplets, and more.

    Some of the included drum machines: all of the TR machines, 3 MPCs, SP1200, Elektron sequencers, and of course, the drum machine that started it all, the LM1.

    The MIDI groove templates are available for free at Samples From Mars (one ZIP file weighing in at 4.7MB). A valid email address is required for the download.

    Visit Samples From Mars for more details.

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