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    SONiVOX Twist Spectral Morphing Synthesis Instrument is Only $2


    Plugin Boutique has announced 93% off Twist spectral morphing synthesis instrument from SONiVOX. For a limited time, you can buy it at just £1.95 / $2.00!

    Wrap yourself around Twist 2—the Spectral Morphing Synthesis instrument from SONiVOX. Combining a dynamic interface, an advanced pattern generator, and onboard effects, Twist 2 is your toolkit for serious sound design using simple, time-saving controls. Two swirling sound layers provide unique harmonic controls, forming the foundation for every patch. Common elements include a monstrous multi-mode filter, independent Amp and Filter envelope generators, plus a remarkable LFO that can be synced to the current tempo. The onscreen interface is clean and uncluttered; the well-defined controls deliver incredible sound-sculpting abilities, while providing immediate audio results.

    In addition to the onscreen controls, Twist 2 features a brilliant MIDI Learn Mode. Simply adjusting a parameter and then touching an external MIDI control creates a link between the two. This intuitive MIDI-mapping system allows Twist 2 to quickly integrate with your favorite MIDI hardware controller. In fact, Twist 2 can save and recall your MIDI Learn presets and use them with any patch, so you only need to create them once.


    • Two-Layer Spectral Morphing Synthesis
    • MIDI Learn controller mapping
    • Pattern Generator enhancements
    • Improved Pattern Generator graphics
    • Integrated Patch Browser
    • Added modulation control
    • Easy On/Off control of parameter modulation
    • Added two envelopes generators for amplitude and filter control
    • Onboard effects
    • 32 and 64-bit VST and AU, RTAS and AAX Support
    • Over 200 new Twist 2.1 ready-to-play patches

    The 93% discount is valid until October 1, 2018. You can buy Twist virtual synthesizer at Plugin Boutique.

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