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    Sensel Intros FREE Hendrix With An X Sample Pack


    Sensel has released Hendrix With An X, a free sample pack featuring processed drum samples in WAV, Bitwig, Logic Pro X and Live formats.

    We worked with Oakland-based producer and Morph fan Nate Hendrix to create a super funky, genre-bending soundpack. The Hendrix With An X sound pack collects the multi-instrument talent and modern sensibility of Hendrix with sounds from his production toolkit and previous tracks.

    Two drum racks, a couple simple but fun sample synths, and some great effects will get you started producing your own original track on your Morph.

    The samples are suitable for hip hop, pop, RnB, trap etc. They’re 100% royalty free.

    At the download, you have the option to choose between Bitwig Studio, Logic Pro X, Ableton Live, or “Samples Only” (WAV format). Of course, for FL Studio you must choose WAV’s.

    You can download the sample pack for free on the Sensel website.

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