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    Samples From Mars Releases Two FREE 808 Drum Kits

    Samples From Mars has announced the release of 808 From Mars, two free 808 drum kits featuring one-shots recorded through an API console to tape, with a variety of high-end hardware processing.

    The kits feature clean, colored and supersaturated 808 hits that are not available yet in the current 808 From Mars commercial pack.

    We now have the best sounding TR-808 we’ve ever heard – it was serviced by an original engineer who worked for the company in the 80s, and features a Bass Drum with an unbelievable 4-second decay.

    We’ve upgraded all of our gear (thanks to our amazing customers!) – this was recorded through an API 1608 console, into an Apogee Symphony, a mastering reel to reel, numerous high-end saturators, and extremely clean, balanced power. This is our best sounding studio yet. Because of the sheer amount of hours (tens of thousands) we’ve put into sampling since the original 808, we are much more experienced than ever before.

    FREE 808 From Mars sample pack contains WAV samples as well as patches for popular music software and samplers such as Ableton, Maschine, Kontakt, Reason, and is compatible with hardware like MPC1000 or MPC2500.

    You can download the free kits at Sample From Mars.

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