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    FREE ShinyDirt VST Synthesizer Released by Biptunia


    Biptunia has announced the release of ShinyDirt, a free VST instrument that emulates circuit-bent analog synths.

    ShinyDirt is a very musical homage to circuit-bent analog synths. ShinyDirt is largely all about the mod wheel. The mod wheel does something different on each pre-set.


    • 128 presets
    • 32-bit VSTi mono synth
    • Lots of user-defined options.
    • On-screen waveform readout. Looks cool, plus great educational tool.
    • Runs on any 32-bit DAW, and on some 64-bit DAWs (tested and working on 64-bit Reaper, Cubase, and on Sony Acid.)
    • Some of the settings sound beautiful. A lot of them sound extreme. Especially when you move the mod wheel. Sometimes the wheel is crazy, sometimes it’s subtle.
    • 2 oscillators, 2 LFOs, choice of what mod wheel does. Mod wheel behaves differently on different presets.

    On many presets or user-defined settings, the mod wheel does more extreme things to sound than many other synths. On some presets, the wheel even works backwards of what would be expected; this yields interesting results and is a boon to ending “the same old thing” sessions.

    More info and download links at BipTunia.

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