Dirty Cassette Tape 808 Basses Sample Pack

Mothko has announced the release of Dirty Cassette Tape 808 Basses, a new pack of cassette tape saturated 808-style bass shots.

A variety of hardware, soft synths, cassette tapes, decks and post-processing techniques have been used to create these royalty-free bass samples. Recording hot to tape can result in gritty saturation, organic warmth, and rich harmonic distortion. This pack contains a broad selection of Mothko’s personal favourites.

Some sound classic, some more characterful and others quite crazy – a total of fifty key-labelled one shots constitute this pack, which is perfect for drill, bassline, hip hop or trap tracks.

There are 50 samples inside this pack – all 100% royalty free. They’re in WAV format, so will work in any sampler.

The sample pack is available at Gumroad under a “name-your-own-price” pricing system and a minimum of just £5. Mothko was kind enough to provide our readers with a 100% discount code, so if you want the pack for free, just use the code onthehouse at checkout. But if you want and you can support the author, please put £5 or any amount you can afford in the price field.

More info and download at Mothko Gumroad.

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