70 FREE Vocal Samples - Words, Phrases, Choruses and Acapellas

Beats.pro has released Mini Bundle Pack, a free collection of vocal samples taken from each of their packs available for sale.

Mini Bundle Pack contains vocal words, phrases, choruses, as well as a couple of full-song acapellas. The acapellas have verses, choruses, backing vocals, improvisations and more.

This sample pack has enough vocals to help you create chopped vocal melodies, tell a story with your song or just add a chorus to your beat.

Suitable for a variety of genres and created with Trap, House, Electro, Pop and Hip Hop in mind, to name a few.

Inside are 70 vocal samples (230MB) recorded in 24-bit WAV, all original and royalty free. They’re “dry”, processing wasn’t applied except for fade-ins/fade-outs and subtle compression and EQ.

You can download the vocals on the Beats.pro website.

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