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    130 FREE Analog Snares & Claps Released at Audiophile Music Group


    Audiophile Music Group has announced the release of Analog Snares & Claps Collection, a free pack featuring 130 samples in WAV format.

    Audiophile Music Group is ecstatic to announce our newest Audiophile sample pack ‘Analog Snares & Claps Collection’ that follows up the Analog Kick Collection that was released in April. AMG was pleased to see such a good response on it that we wanted to give something else away to the community.

    There’s a total of 130 samples broken down into categories such as:

    • Analog Classic Claps
    • Analog Filter Overdrive Claps
    • Tube Distortion Claps
    • Analog Classic Snares
    • Analog Filter Overdrive Snare
    • Tube Distortion Snares
    • Raw Modular Snares

    This pack was recorded via a slew of high-end drum machines and outboard gear including Elektron Rytm, Elektron Analog Heat, Teenage Engineering PO-12, Dave Smith Instruments Tempest, Moog DFAM, Moog Sub37, Waldorf Attack and much more.

    You can download the samples at Audiophile Music Group.

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