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    Ldaysynths Releases FREE Poly-LD8 Virtual Synthesizer Plugin


    Ldaysynths returns with Poly-LD8, a free 8 voice polyphonic synthesizer (VSTi) for DAW’s running on Windows.

    As the name suggests, Poly-LD8 is inspired by the Poly-800 analog synthesizer from mid 80’s, a rival of Juno-106, another synth that made history. This virtual replica is available in VST format, at the moment 32bit only. The instrument is built on an older version of SynthEdit and hence the format limitations. But don’t worry, Poly-LD8 is fully functional and works well in FL Studio.

    I tested this virtual instrument plugin and I can say it sounds pretty good with its rich and pleasant timbre. I think the author, if supported, could turn this project into something impressive.

    Here are the technical specs:

    • 2 Poly-800 OSC’s with scaleable overtones and pan
    • 2 ADBSSR envelope generators
    • 1 low pass resonance filter with ADBSSR envelope generator
    • 1 noise generator
    • 1 LFO with sinewave for OSC, filter and velocity and delay
    • master volume wired to the velocity
    • 1 chorus + 1 host synced ping-pong delay

    Poly-LD8 is available for free at Ldaysynths website (no registration, direct download).

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